For a fun change I decided to cross process a expired roll of Fuji NPS 160. C-41 developed in E6 chemistry is a less common way to cross process so I had no clue what sort of results I’d be getting. Online there seems to be fewer and more inconsistent results showing up, unlike when one processes E6 in C-41.

When I got my negatives back they looked extremely blue and much to my shock they appeared to have solarized in places. It was a neat but unexpected effect. I am actually unsure just what caused them to sabbatier, if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

I scanned the C-41 Crossed negatives as negatives with our Epson V700 and then loaded them into Photoshop 7. Editing these would be a little trickier than my usual E6 crossed positives. I used a couple different methods of editing in Photoshop and achieved a few effects. The first one I tried was to invert the image using a Curves layer, then I created a Hue/Saturation layer. In the Hue/Saturation palette there’s a color adjustment drop down that says ‘master’ , I changed that to say ‘blue’. Then selected the left hand dropper and selected a shade of blue on the image. After that I used the sliders; I the found Lighten/Darken slider to be most useful. With some images I flattened the image afterward and used the Highlights/Shadows palette for further exposure correction.

The second time around I skipped doing Curves and went straight to the Hue/Saturation step. Here are some of my interpretations.



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